Local and Live Festival

October 2020 to June 2021

The Local and Live Festival delivered:

  • opportunities for local creatives to perform to small live audiences
  • public confidence in a safe return to indoor arts events after the pandemic restrictions 
  • a period of employment for performers, technicians and event staff.  
  • Investment in training and equipment to record and stream events, to widen audience opportunities and as a contingency against further lockdowns

The nine recordings produced during the Local and Live festival are on our website:


Here is a selection of photos from the 22 live events and 9 recordings

bus shelter poster
banner on Coronation Green - Copy

Advance Publicity

Our Trial Events and first recordings

       Children’s Poetry Awards

Poetry and Short Story Awards

Front of house prep cropped

   Front of house preparation

Alfonso live music comes back

Welcome back to live music:  Alfonso the Magnificent

Thomas Taylor cropped

   Thomas Taylor author session

7 Noise Next Door adult show

Welcome back to live music:  The Noise Next Door

recording in action

Fliming an event

recording team

Techincal Crew

Looking after the audience

John Froude cropped

Dr John Froude talking about his book: “Plagued”  Friday 30 October

Programme Directing!

The Programme Director waving goodbye to November’s events!

welcome back in December

A brief welcome back in December


Three Penny Piece

A Christmas Carol: This is My Theatre

Our first virtual event in lockdown


We start again May 2021


A Hatful of Rain


Joshua Crisp: Tales of Hercules


Louise Peskett: Notorious Women

Rewilding the Seas with Henri Brocklebank: live audience and simultaneous stream

What have plants....cropped

Ending the War on Nature

book signing cropped

Chris Hare book signing

Duck Pond Sailors


Colin Grant reading from The Homecoming – Tales of the Windrush Generation


Amy Zamarippa Solis


Sheila Auguste

Writing Our Legacy event

A Selection of the 420 Feedback Forms


June 16 2021 It’s a wrap!