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All 23 Local and Live events will take place at Ropetackle Arts Centre and will follow their published Covid-19 risk assessment arrangements which are available on both Ropetackle and Shoreham Wordfest websites.



There will also be an individual Covid-19 risk assessment for each event, as part of the event planning.

Venue cleaning and ventilation

Ropetackle Arts Centre has been deep cleaned throughout and is regularly cleaned between each event. Events are limited in number to allow time for cleaning and ventilation.

There is an excellent air conditioning system in the auditorium.

There is a one-way system into and out of the venue.

Seating is arranged in twos with 2metre separation. Maximum audience capacity is now 60 (normally 200).

Face masks must be worn in the venue. There is hand sanitation on point of entry and throughout the venue.

The NHS track and trace QR code is plainly visible at the venue entrance.

Booking system and advance information

People are informed of the Covid-19 in advance of booking their tickets, and are advised not to come to the venue if they have any symptoms on the day of the event. 

Customers can book tickets on line via Shoreham Wordfest or Ropetackle websites, by phone or direct access to the box office.  All tickets are sold through a single ticketing system so there is a central record of people attending each event.  

Contact details for customers are taken at the point of ticket purchase to ensure they can be contacted by the government track and trace system if there is a reported case of Covid-19.  

Seats are allocated at the point of booking so there is a record of where each person was sitting.

When tickets are issued there is an additional message reminding audience that it is now mandatory that masks are to be worn whilst in the venue.

Attendance at events

The audience uses the main entrance, uses the QR code to log into the venue and is also greeted by a steward to check them in, ensure they have face masks and can use the hand sanitation.

Notices about wearing face masks are displayed throughout the building.

The audience follows the one-way system into the auditorium and take their pre-allocated seats.

Drinks can be ordered when customers take their seats, including orders for interval drinks.  Stewards collect the order sheets and deliver the drinks to the seated customers.

There is a one-way movement system to access toilets and only two people can use the facility at any one time.

Customers are advised there can be no shouting or singing, that seats cannot be moved and they cannot mingle with other members of the audience.

Exit is direct from the auditorium at the end of each event, with the audience leaving by row to ensure no crowd gathers at the door.


Front of house, administrative and premises staff, bar managers, volunteer stewards and technical staff have all been trained in managing the Covid-preventative measures and are fully aware of what is required. 

They are all provided with masks, gloves where needed and adequate access to hand sanitation and cleaning products.

Individual risk assessments have been discussed for staff and volunteers with pre-existing risk factors.


Each event is planned to take account of required distancing between performers on stage. 

They have access to a cleaned and airy green room.

Microphones are sanitised and appropriately cleaned between events.  There are sufficient stocks of equipment so that performers do not have to share microphones.  Disposable covers are available to reduce risk of Covid-19 transmission.

The stage and seating arrangements ensures sufficient distance between performers and audience. The venue is investing in Perspex screens for performances where there may be increased risk of aerosol transmission eg. Singing and wind instruments.

Review of practice and guidelines

There is a regular review of the arrangements before and after each event, and adjustments made when required. 

Government guidance is regularly monitored to ensure we are fully compliant with the requirements for our geographical area, the type of event and the venue.

Rosalind Turner

Programme DirectorShoreham Wordfest

Anne Hodgson

Programme Director,Ropetackle Arts Centre

13 October 2020