Struggling to get decent ideas for stories? Or perhaps you’re sorted for ideas but aren’t sure how to turn them into a story that works?
Find out how flash techniques can help bust the dreaded writers’ block, and what can we do with them when we’ve made them?
This workshop will encourage writers to ‘find another voice’ so that the default setting of autobiography can be challenged
A P Staunton, past winner of the Wordfest Slam, has established a monthly spoken word event with poetry, music and a lively pub crowd
This small group session John McCullough will discuss some of her best-known poems by Elizabeth Bishop
Popular author, Lynne Truss, will discuss the latest novel in her new series, The Constable Twitten Mysteries, set in Brighton
Tess is an award-winning poet who runs Tiger’s Eye Writers, a regular creative writing class for children
An invitation to tell a story, or listen to, in the perfect setting of the Verda Houseboat on the River Adur
Barefoot Opera bring their inventive, exuberant ensemble style to Rossini’s comic masterpiece of bribery, deception and disguise.
Dr Mead will lead a guided ramble along the banks of the River Adur, explaining how the estuary has changed and been shaped over time