Book of the month: February – Honey Dew by Darren Beaney

This month we are featuring poetry from a local Sussex poet, Darren Beaney who has just published his first collection of poems via Hedgehog Press.  We have featured some of Darren’s poetry on our Shoreham Station poetry posters and it is great to see his poetry in print.

Keith Massey, part of the Wordfest poetry team has produced a short review which gives you a taste of Darren’s poetry. 

The first poem in Darren Beaney’s   Honey Dew is  “Amorous Queries.”  It begins : 

When Eros asks his thought provoking questions

where can I go for answers?

This neatly crystallizes what these poems explore and illuminate; love narratives ranging from the anticipation and excitement of first encounters to joyfully celebrated reciprocal commitment. Evoking these experiences with vivacity and panache, this is an engaging and accessible collection. 

The poems are wholeheartedly romantic but still manage to neatly subvert cliché and predictability: 

I fell in love…….and fell without landing. (Let your hair down) and in the witty denouement which ends ‘ Evening’.

Reading these poems is to exuberantly rehearse the dance images which inform many of them.

Keith Massey

January 2021

To buy copies of the book and find out more about Darren’s poetry, please go to:

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