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This will be a feature of our new website where we invite the Wordfest team and our supporters to nominate a book to feature as our book of the month.  For our first nomination, Rosalind, our Wordfest Programme Director, has started the ball rolling with:

Unsheltered is the latest book by Barbara Kingsolver

Unsheltered is the latest book by Barbara Kingsolver, and is a terrific read.  The book has twin track stories set in a real town in New Jersey called Vineland established in the mid-19th Century as a modern Utopia. A school teacher and a woman scientist find their support for the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin challenge the fixed certainties of the community, and their own place in it. A middle-aged couple in contemporary America find their certainties about work, home and family life are shattered by economic insecurity and seismic political change.  The delight of Barbara Kingsolver’s writing for me is that her books are about big and important themes but she has the story-teller’s gift of developing a world of fascinating characters which you don’t want to leave at the end of the book.



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