10 Word Story Winners

1ST Prize James Burt

Jonnie loved Granny’s Sunday visits. Less so, after her funeral

2nd Prize Terry Timblick

God, sending Jesus, tells daughter “I’ve bigger things for you”

3rd Prize James Burt

Bored of both princes and witches, Rapunzel shaved her head


  • James Burt
  • Jill Fricker
  • Gudrun Hansen
  • Mia Kelly
  • Christopher Luck
  • Amy McGlinn
  • Karolyn Mnich
  • Megan Schofield
  • Liam Smith
  • Katharine Steer
  • Patricia Squire
  • Kevin Tansley
  • Roger Wilkey

The curse was lifted. Too Late. The clowns kept coming

In the Wardrobe, her suitcase, her passport, her naked lover

I now pronounce you man and wife. Nurse, curtains please

She left him. He dreamed of building a time machine

Puberty’s halfway tremor shuddering to a halt on naked calves

Soft grip on arm. Chicken skin. She doesn’t know him.

Upside-down on elder. Vigorously pecking. Flies into box of beaks

This isn’t our town anymore. We are last summer’s lovers

Gran gave me advice. Comforted, I packed away the spirit board

His broken promises, in a bag, mewling on a doorstep.

Engine purring. Roof down. This is the life. Then rain.

He cut my hair really well. Creepy for a dentist.

If this happens again, she thought, nobody would ever know.

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