24 Sep - 17 Oct 2021

Shoreham Wordfest’s autumn festival of words and ideas.
David Olusoga, Cerys Matthews, Murray Lachlan Young, Alexander McCall Smith, Radio 4’s Any Questions Environment Day with Isabella Tree and much more: Books, Talks, Drama, Song and Family Events

Shoreham Wordfest organises an annual autumn festival of books, talks, drama and discussion. This year’s Fast Forward festival featured 32 events with around 2500 live attendances and hundreds watching our live streams.  Some of the highlights are featured below. 


Discover 32 amazing events in the Fast Forward Festival

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Videos from Shoreham Wordfest

  • David Olusoga -The Job of a Historian
  • Fast Forward Festival: Ending the War on Nature
  • The Homecoming: Voices of The Windrush Generation – Colin Grant
  • Local and Live Festival talk - Rewilding the Seas - Henri Brocklebank of Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • Dr John Froude: Plagued: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Coronavirus
  • Hilaire Belloc, The Man Who Saw the Future by Chris Hare

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