Piles Of Fire by Abi Kimber, aged 8

To be read at the Poemathon Sat 28th April - Please see leaflet on this page.

This is the season with piles of fire,
A world of red, yellow and orange,
With the atmosphere of frost.

This is the season with raspberry rain,
Falling down on to wet grass,
Lurking with diamonds and jewels.

This is the season with leaves like biscuits,
Being trodden on by giants,
Cracking like lightening.

This is the season with piles of fire,
A world of red, yellow and orange,
With the atmosphere of frost.

This is Autumn.

Slam winning entries - 2018

Slam were Life in 108, a poem by Matt Francis-Cooke

Mrs Baxter's Quiet Day a short story by Jennifer Kharibian

Poems while you wait – Shoreham Station Platform 1

Poems from the workshop on poetic responses to the artwork of Eric Ravilious are featured in the Shoreham Wordfest posters on platform 1 of Shoreham Station.

Bridge of Shoes is a touching personal take on the protest shoes placed on Shoreham Footbridge last year. Valentine is a tender portrayal young families will relate to. Tiger is a ravishingly sensual allegory and The Girl's Guide to Everything is a love song to childhood memories). Click to load poems (.pdf)

The Art of Poetry

Shoreham Wordfest held our first poetry workshop inspired by paintings featured in Adur Art Trail in June this year. Organised by Wordfest member Barbara Meredith, the poetry writing workshop was delivered by creative writing tutor Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, in the new Skyway gallery at the Shoreham Centre; with the cooperation of the adurArtcollective.

The participants chose a painting which particularly inspired them and Wendy Ann guided them into forming their impressions and perspectives into words. Some of the resulting poems were read on Saturday 9th July at the Creative Buzz, a regular arts event held at West Street Loft on the second Saturday of the month, to coincide with the popular Shoreham Farmer's Market.

Some of the poems and the paintings which inspired them feature on this web-page, with the kind permission of both poets and artists. We think this was a great success and definitely want to organise more arts fusion events in future.

Shingle Beach by Caroline Hansen

Kira has chased the seagulls away.
Now she is back trotting at my heels.
One day she’ll realise dogs cannot fly.

The rock pools are teeming with life
under their still surface,
but no-one disturbs their peace.

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Tim Huitson


Lost In A View by Rowena Davies

A picture postcard, a perfect view;
Fields of yellow, pink and blue;
Grass on my toes, runny nose;
Eyes drawn to the sky,
Distant sea, gulls cry…
I can hear a tractor in the fields below me,

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Isla Willatt


Picture 6 by Dave Sutton

Heartbeat drummed womb comfort,
Lifeblood liquid warm security
Prison cell, old lag dependence
broken by air's first gulp.
Looked for breath of life
Cry of loss, of uncertainty

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June Frickleton


Vision by Roger Deller

The soft pastel colours fuse.
Ambiguous yet leading
To that barred window

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Calaboose by Chris Luck

A fissure of black draws the eye,
jagged, crooked.
Above stares a two barred window –
the bars lurching glassless

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Susan Miller


Picture 2 by Dave Sutton

Nature divided, man's reach reef bordered water,
Zorro marked wave of sea vitality,
Rock and water
Fish basked shallows, sun discovered haven,
Shoals listening, striking silver flash
igniting blue life in rock maze.

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Val Chandler