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Welcome to Shoreham Wordfest, a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the joy and wonder of words, written, spoken and sung. We are an entirely voluntary organisation, supported by Adur District and West Sussex County Councils, and local businesses.

We organise an autumn festival featuring authors, poets, drama, talks, writing workshops and entertaining events for all ages. We have a mission to support new writing, as well as bringing established authors and performers to Shoreham.

Wordfest promotes creativity and celebrates the inspiring environment of our locality. Events run in varied, and often quirky, venues such as houseboats, ancient buildings, cafes and local arts and community centres.

Our audience is drawn from across Sussex and beyond, with an increasing number of regular supporters. We organise events for children, families and link with local schools. Wordfest runs workshops and competitions as well occasional events throughout the year such as a Poetry Trail with poems featured in local shops and venues during Adur Festival in June.

Shoreham Wordfest comprises over 20 volunteers, writers and literary enthusiasts. We are now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We welcome people to join us or to bring new ideas and suggestions for activities in the coming year.

Shakespeare Festival

Two sonnets written at the Write-your-own-sonnet workshop led by Jeremy Tomlinson during our Shakespeare Festival. The writers had never written sonnets before - amazing!

Sonnet One

Shall I compare thee – Nay, I can no way
Compare thee whilst we celebrate today
Thy oh too soon departure from the earth
Thy very day of death, thy day of birth.
Co-incidence symmetric like a play
To come to life and die on self-same day.
Art sure this was not merely artifice?
A plot device contrived to make a twist?
A comedy of life's sweet brevity?
A tragedy of human harmony?
Thy legacy's secure; thus we all must
As golden lads and girls come unto dust.
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

Morag Charlwood, 23rd  April, 2016, On Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary

Sonnet Two

"You're Barbara's girl" I heard it often said.
"You're George's child" my aunts and uncles smiled.
"You've Audrey's eyes" as Gran appraised my head,
Like sister, mother, father, sweet and mild.
But underneath I seethed with hidden rage.
I wanted to be seen in my own right,
Not just of George's book another page,
But feisty, female, full of fire and fight.
I moved away. I carved a space for me
An individual realm where I was queen,
No strings to keep me at my mother's knee,
So few could guess at what I'd ever been.
And yet with father dead and mother old
My gains seem ash and all my victories cold.

Joyce Chester, 23rd  April, 2016, On Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary